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in manage time, who me? (19 photos)

by sobootyful


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“After finagling my way back to TX for a business trip I got to shoot with my lovely Ash again. She made a 3 hour drive down to shoot and after all the gushing, catching up, giggling about clothes and sets we lost several hours of our day. When we got around to shooting this set, the final one for the MORNING, it was 2:30 am. I made her coffee and there were books so we thought, cute reading set - let's do it!! Then we found the book - The Complete Idiot's Guide To Managing Your Time - oh how very appropriate!!! I hope you love this super sexy set fueled by coffee and giggles. Incentives!! 5 votes for 3 hi res images, 15 for the set. 20 votes gets you the set + 6 hot bonus photos. Want a print, 50 votes delivers a signed print to your door!! ”



The Ol' Bow & Chains

featuring ABrinton


Get Behind Me, Satan!

featuring ABrinton


Teal Tides

featuring ABrinton


Beeee Mine.

featuring ABrinton


La Rouge

featuring Adreena_Winters


Strip tease of the cute lady

featuring ComtesseLea