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in What the Horizon Only Tells to us Ghosts (14 photos)

by Corwin Prescott


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“6,00 miles into 50, probably more, I rolled into Los Angeles. The road, being away from home, is punctuated by moments that feel amazing, and moments of nothing but loneliness. Its a delicate balance, but without fail LA has pretty much always been one of the worst places for me. It only really takes meeting one great person to pull you right out of that home sickness, and this trip I was lucky enough to get to spend a little time shooting and hanging out with Sash. One of the nicest and sweetest people I have met, she's also absolutely gorgeous in front of the camera. Franco, Sash, Vaunt and I had an awesome time making this set, hope you enjoy it.”

Corwin Prescott



featuring Sash



featuring Sash


sleep away camp

featuring Sash


Au Natural

featuring Sash


Bride Of Frankenstein

featuring RazorCandi


The Warmest Color

featuring lodus