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in All Taped Up (26 photos)

by RiannNova


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“This photo set is one of my favorites, by far my most favorite self-shot (3rd to be exact!), and I am really excited to share this with you guys. First off, I designed this outfit purely out of duct tape!! It took about 3 hours to make and I think it really turned out great! And secondly, I'm rockin my all new Bright Red hair do. I love that it matches my spunky personality, and am so glad to have been able to enter it into this prize! :-)”



Play with me?

featuring RiannNova


Every Man Wants Her

featuring RiannNova


It's All Over Now

featuring RiannNova


couch cutie

featuring RiannNova


Vespa retro red night

featuring Sirithil


T-shirt and no panties on

featuring YourToxicAddiction