in Waiting for Master (17 photos)

by Eleanor


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“Eleanor has been tied up and left for a bit of self-reflection, but unfortunately for her she's not a patient girl. Watch as her innocent posing in an attempt to find angles her Master would like turns into her contemplating playing with herself, and then see what happens her Master comes back and poses her a bit himself. Vote to see her punishment and what she's tied to next! *I wanted to experiment with a self shot set but didn't have a tripod available to simplify the job. to make things easier I decided to include a mirror in my story line, and I am quite happy with the results. I love the look of this collar on me and enjoyed using it to play with perspectives. I also enjoyed experimenting with grain and blurry photos, and I love the contrast that they make with the starker, less blurry images. I hope you all like the results! ”




featuring Eleanor


Dryad in Springtime

featuring Eleanor


I Want to be a Dryad

featuring Eleanor



featuring Eleanor


KitKatKara's debut

featuring KitKatKara



featuring bexh

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