in Introducing Laura Mae!! (12 photos)

by xephotography


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“I started talking to Laura several years ago but was never able to work with her until now... Over the years, she has worked with some very awesome photographers and she is picky on who she shoots with. I was extremely honored when she ask me to shoot. We clicked right away and we produced this little set to introduce her to Zivity. We hope to have a lot more for you to see of her soon. I hope you can give her a warm welcome and vote on her awesome set :)”



Relief Next to Me

featuring Rinko


Ringgg A Linggg

featuring afffable


Protector of the forest

featuring Floofie


the sea has evaporated

featuring RachelDashae


Mary in the Bathroom

featuring MaryCeleste


La Signora

featuring SomaQueen

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