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in Conner VS Skynet (25 photos)

by porkscratching


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“As a tribute to one of the most classic sci fi films ever, Shebari pays tribute to Sarah Conner....A supreme soldier, Sarah started out as a naive waitress, struggling to believe that she would have to prepare her future son to save the world, but by the second film, she was really a determined, bad ass mother. There is something about a woman that is sexy as hell on one hand, and good kick your ass to kingdom come on the other....But I will let you be the judge of that.”



Dude, Where's My Tank?

featuring Shebari


Simply Shebari

featuring Shebari


Tree Nymph

featuring Shebari


Vibrant Debut

featuring Shebari


he sees the bright and hollow sky

featuring minuitstorm


So Much Color

featuring Arriane