in Conner VS Skynet (25 photos)

by porkscratching


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“As a tribute to one of the most classic sci fi films ever, Shebari pays tribute to Sarah Conner....A supreme soldier, Sarah started out as a naive waitress, struggling to believe that she would have to prepare her future son to save the world, but by the second film, she was really a determined, bad ass mother. There is something about a woman that is sexy as hell on one hand, and good kick your ass to kingdom come on the other....But I will let you be the judge of that.”



Dude, Where's My Tank?

featuring Shebari


Simply Shebari

featuring Shebari


Tree Nymph

featuring Shebari


Vibrant Debut

featuring Shebari


The Heart of a Harlequin

featuring LavenderSimone


Lunar Daylight

featuring Toxie

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