in Blue Dress Blues (27 photos)

by porkscratching


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“Shebari was so looking forward to leaving the 'humdrum' of her daily life. All dressed up, and ready to go....Something scared her at the last moment! Too much! She felt it was too much. She felt she could not go out in her ball gown, she didn't 'belong' in it, she said. Spooked by something, she ran into a small room, and delivered her self from the dress...She naked she stood....Feeling blue and unworthy. Personly, I thought she looked great! But I'll let you decide.”



Dude, Where's My Tank?

featuring Shebari


Simply Shebari

featuring Shebari


Tree Nymph

featuring Shebari


Vibrant Debut

featuring Shebari


The end of summer

featuring moonbae


Destruction is a Form of Creation

featuring LillieRose

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