in Bathwater (33 photos)

by tmronin


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“Urban Dictionary defines "Drink Her Bathwater" as "an affectionate pikey term. implying that the person being referred to is so desirable that you would even go so far as to drink water that they have bathed in." Moxie is good at a lot of things: makes a mean drink, tells a good story, filling out a bra really really well, her knowledge of 80's metal is impressive in scope. But, she isn't very good at drinking water - check it out! like, she doesn't even come CLOSE to her mouth on several of these tries!! Please contribute to the "Moxie can't drink water, so should be drinking whiskey instead" fund by voting. Help this insanely hot girl be able to lead a full life of drunken saturday nights in revealing outfits listening to loud rock-n-roll surrounded by her hottie friends. Won't you think of the hottie friends?!? Vote today so we can help Moxie get over her water drinking problem and get back to doing what she does best: being naked, oh so very naked, on the internet. Thank you for your support.”



Welcome to The Jungle

featuring Moxi


After The Battle

featuring Moxi


Mojave Morning

featuring Moxi


All I Want for Christmas

featuring RedRider23


Heaven, Earth, Hell!

featuring Carmen_9


The Premature Burial

featuring Macabra