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Chloe Von Creepy

in The Model Photographer (19 photos)

by MetroGlamour


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“Chloe is a Jane-of-all-Trades, She can never make up her mind on what to do with herself! One day while she was working as a photographer, she got an idea! "Maybe I can be a model too!" she said. So while finishing up her shoot with world-renonued fashion mannequin/model, Imma Plastik, she decided to try her luck! She unbuttoned, upzipped and slipped off her business clothes and changed into something a bit more appropriate for the occasion. She called in an associate of hers and asked him to shoot away, and that was it the rest was history. Chloe the Photographer, Now Chloe the fashion model! ”



Gaga Oh-La-La!

featuring Chloe Von Creepy



featuring Chloe Von Creepy


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Casual Sunday

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Les Temps Sont Durs Pour Les Reveurs

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