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by Abrupt


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“I love my leggings & thank YOU ; Zivity, so much for them. Thank you Zentaiguy for the prize creation & Zivity thank you all for your friendship . I love you guys <3 One of our 1st submissions was shot here in this same location. Our studio bathroom. I thought it would look so neat with my sexy leggings :) Any love will be so very appreciated & comes with images of your choice directly to your email as always <3 . I had Emnes shoot a sexy set of me in these same leggings outdoors that is not published here & is so very neat. I'll send you this set for 20 votes however you can get BOTH for 30! Help me climb back up into the top ten with this cute little set? My last set shot in 2012 & sooooo cute A MUST HAVE! :) Happy new year Zivity!”



My Enjoyment

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Wana Party ?

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Vegas baby!

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no one can see inside your view

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Independence Day

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