in Black Heart, Break (20 photos)

by dirkdurkah


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“Your cold stare Is my heart's bait it's the kiss of death it's the whisper of hate It's so appealing It lures in my heart Even though I know It'll tear it apart I know it's no good For me or my love life But I want you to want me Until your heart is mine I want what you have And I plan to succeed In making your cold heart Break just for me I want your black heart bleeding And breaking for my own And when you are not with me I want you to feel alone I want you to scream my name In your sleep and in the dark I want you to only lust After the love from MY heart I want you black heart to break When you see me walk away I need you to be consumed with desire And NEED me to stay I want you desire for me To break your cold, hard shell And when my black heart starts to break I want yours to break as well ~Gabriella Franco The Incentives are SUPER HOT!, Make sure you get a look at em!”



She Spider

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Lucy Lobes

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Cerulean Charm

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I, The Frightener

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Vex at Joshua Tree

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Lets have a colorful night

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