Bear Skin

by LoreleiPhoto featuring Faline

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LoreleiPhoto says: “Vacations in the Smoky Mountains are for unwinding... I'll take the bed, hold the breakfast (for now). Let me enjoy the feeling of my bear skin a little longer. :) ”

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  • Bg_profile_thumb_photo-80x80

    Pure perfection. Lorelei has absolutely captured Faline's beauty perfectly. Elegant, graceful and without a doubt breathtaking. Very sexy. Amazing work ladies.

  • 1353513

    Lorelei has captured a true natural beauty here. Faline would be perfect in any natural setting.

  • Deleted2102recarefac123-80x80

    I love this set. I followed her from SG. Glad I did!

    (deleted) caferacer2012
  • Bg_profile_thumb_photo-80x80

    Faline, This set is perfect in the way it shows your outer beauty! I love it!!!

  • Cladonia-80x80

    Faline has the 'pretty girl next door' look. Wonderful set.

  • Bg_profile_thumb_photo-80x80

    Soft and intimate. I'm in love!

  • 2844038

    Very nice. I think I have a new Zivity model crush. . .


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