in Tenetur (28 photos)

by BoldDaniel


“Tenetur is the Latin word for Bound, to hold or keep. This set, for me, depicts how we start our lives off happy, that simple toys and oral fixations are all we need. As time passes we become more and more weighted down by social expectations and sometimes huge responsibilities, until one day... we wake up and we are just simply "Bound" in life. We have in fact lost our own freedoms and perhaps even a sense of who we are... this is what happened to me. Today, through my art, I have become free again and an understanding of who I am and what things I value have made themselves clear once again. I hope that my art can inspire you to do the same if you to are Bound!”



What, It's Not a Nude Beach?

featuring DallasRainbow


A simple Mirror

featuring DallasRainbow


Shy at First

featuring DallasRainbow


Love Lost Dies In The End

featuring LoveLostLoveFound


Leather and Chains

featuring Daenerys


Last stop on the highway to hell

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