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by Emnes


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“ It was pretty funny reenacting a few of Abrupt's earliest childhood memories. Abrupt spent a lot of time in parks growing up and she usually had her favorite ice cream cone,,,, vanilla. Most cases her park visits began with her seeing her favorite play areas, running toward them, and falling down with her ice cream. She always had skinned up knees. Abrupt loved being as high up as she could be and always right near the edge of everything. (Some things never change, ha.) Abrupt fell off the monkey bars many times as a child, and she always got right back up and proceeded to enjoy herself. Welcome to some of Abrupts earliest childhood memories! 30 votes on this set, will get you a mini, personalized, shoot "JUST FOR YOU photo set". Be sure to message Abrupt with your ideas! Cheers!”



My Enjoyment

featuring Abrupt


Wana Party ?

featuring Abrupt


Vegas baby!

featuring Abrupt



featuring Abrupt


Remember me, when the west wind moves...

featuring armasmarissa11


In the middle of the night

featuring Sirithil

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