Smudging Ceremony

by LoreleiPhoto featuring Antigone

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LoreleiPhoto says: “Antigone helps us clear the air of negative energy with the help of healing sage. Welcome this smokin' goddess to Zivity! ”

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  • Bg_profile_thumb_photo-80x80

    Superb debut set, Antigone. Breathtakingly beautiful as ever. So glad one of my all time favourite SG made it to Zivity.

  • Abrupt-80x80

    Absolutely gorgeous. Welcome to Zivity Antigone!

  • Bg_profile_thumb_photo-80x80

    Really beautiful set! Cool concept, great ink and photography, too.

  • Bg_profile_thumb_photo-80x80

    Antigone, you've never looked better.

  • Bg_profile_thumb_photo-80x80

    Absolutely gorgeous. Love everything about it from the photography to the model!

    Urban Images
  • New_model

    Antigone you are so beautiful but please DON'T cover any more of your perfect skin with tattoos.The pink hair looks really good on you.

  • Bg_profile_thumb_photo-80x80
  • Bg_profile_thumb_photo-80x80

    That's my kind of ceremony!

  • Amarena-80x80

    A bright, beautiful debut! Love this girl. <3