in Oh My Light (16 photos)

by Dekilah


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“Shot with only the lamp you see, plus a bit of the light from the window behind me, supervised by my white kitty, hinting at my favorite shade of blue violet, and in what may be my favorite bra and panty set ^_^ This one also comes with a little poem of sorts.... "Oh my light! How I adore the way you make love to my body. How lovely you make me feel when you touch me. How truly divine your caress is upon my flesh. I cannot bear to open my eyes, for I only wish to feel you upon my skin. Oh my light!".... Enjoy!”




featuring Dekilah


Any Witch Way

featuring Dekilah


Christmas Bunny

featuring Dekilah


Butt-er Late Than Never

featuring Dekilah


Boobies on the sofa

featuring sinni


I love Rock and Roll

featuring HellCalavera

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