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by Cohen_


“Doing a set with no makeup and little photoshop wouldn't be a new thing for me, so when the "Natural" contest popped up I really had to consider how I would tackle it. I wanted to really take the theme to heart, so I decided to approach it by being as true to myself as possible. I decided to present myself in my natural state, in my living room, in a floral top and jeans as per usual, my hair a tangle, and basking in the sun. However, I took it a step further, taking it upon myself to also be natural in a sense most girls my age wouldn't dare- by being in my natural, hairy state, just how I was made and not altered at all by shaving or waxing- not even my eyebrows. (Aside from my hair, which hasn't been its natural colour for 9 years now... Growing that out would have been far too big a commitment!). I also didn't want the set to be too flashy or posed or fake in any way: its just meant to be a simple, hopefully endearing, little glimpse of me being totally comfortable and, well, natural. Enjoy!”



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