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in Pretty Panties, Part I (25 photos)

by Left-handed Photography


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“Besides being awesomefreakingsexy, Sofi is a sweetheart. Just for her Zivity fans--ike you-- she went on a panty shopping spree. Now Sofi rocks everything she wears but when it comes to underwear, she's in a class by herself. This is the first of two sets we created, featuring her pretty little panties. Plus, if you're especially kind with your votes, we may even post a third set (as well as some exclusive bonus photos for the most enthusiastic voters). So for your viewing pleasure, here's a peek at Sofi's very pretty panties, among other things.”

Left-handed Photography


A girl and her Polaroid

featuring VexVoir


The appeal of peeling paint

featuring VexVoir


Sleeping Beauty

featuring VexVoir


Feminin[c]ity - London

featuring JaneyWuk


Cock Your Hat - Angles Are Attitudes

featuring LadyMeggo85


As If! Whatever!

featuring YourToxicAddiction