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by MJDigitalArt


“One of my regular models, JuicyBluEyes brought me a friend this month. This is Sunny Slam. Sunny has never modeled before anywhere, not for any one... just me and thee here on Zivity. I instantly fell for her beautifully adorned body... nearly perfect in every way. She is every bit as perfect in personality as she is in looks too... as you get to know her, I am confident you will come to love her as much as we do. Watch this girl.... I think she's got a future here on Zivity. Be sure to vote and comment and leave her some feedback on what you think of her... welcome her to Zivity, and encourage her to stay, and do more! Love this set, and we'll love you back double... vote incentives are in place for this set including a special incentive, just for this photoset!! Please see my profile for more details. ”



Slam Rock

featuring SunnySlam


Simply Inked

featuring SunnySlam


Shower Sexy

featuring SunnySlam


Caught in the Net

featuring Jesse Danger


Little Hat

featuring HeadboardBetty


Meet Me In the Bathroom

featuring sinni