in Shower Sexy (14 photos)

by MJDigitalArt


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“SunnySlam is a brand new model both for Zivity, as well as in general. I have a new model prize set in queue for her too.. but this is her first shoot ever. We wanted to do something fun and interesting for the Fashionably Fetish prize. Everyone else was doing the typical fetish stuff.. lots of leather, whips, gas masks etc.. I wanted to do something a little off the mainstream (pun intended) I actually got my start as a photographer shooting a genre commonly referred to as "Wetlook". Wetlook fetishists enjoy seeing women getting wet in clothes that would normally not be considered normal to get wet in. It might seem a little odd (most fetishes are right?) but you can do some pretty dramatic stuff with just a bit of water and the right clothing.. this set is a great example. Go through my sets and you will see a fairly common "wet" theme.. hey.. its just my thing.. I hope you come to have a whole new appreciation for this fun fetish... Love this set, and this new model, (and whats not to love) and we'll love you back double. Vote incentives are in place for this set as well as any of my other sets... see my profile for more details. Lots of images are available in the bonus album for this set. ”



Slam Rock

featuring SunnySlam


Simply Inked

featuring SunnySlam



featuring SunnySlam


Through Yonder Window

featuring Sirbrina


All I Want for Christmas

featuring RedRider23


Cold Day in G-String

featuring DaniellaOz