in Thursday at Rumor (14 photos)

by tmronin


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“Stoya wanted to write the intro: "I have stood in front of many cameras with no clothes on. Malcolm Gladwell says it takes ten thousand hours to master something, and this is one area of my life where I've managed to log the required time. I have also spent a lot of time comparing sex to food in interviews, blogs, and casual conversations. My favorite sorts of erotic photographs are like natural ice creams. High quality components and an ingredients list short and simple enough to figure out by just looking at the product. So now I'm going to tell you a very simple story involving a high quality photographer and instant film; Some people get excited when they have a good hair day. Last week, I had a really fantastic breast day. Not only did I have a really fantastic breast day, I had one when Steve Prue's camera was in town and able to document it. I got so excited that all of my clothes fell off, and I may have exposed my genitals. It was delightful. Or: A visual exposition of an average Thursday. The end."”



Mixed Media: Sunshine And Smoke

featuring Stoya



featuring Stoya


On a Clear Day

featuring Stoya


Grotesque & Arabesque

featuring KathTea


All I Want for Christmas

featuring RedRider23


In the Jacuzzi

featuring SJanaexo