in Room 21 (15 photos)

by chaselisbon


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“We drove for hours to hit this location. Matt was driving and seemed to have no idea where he was. Mike Gill and I were nurturing hangovers, only I had actually started drinking again. Mike was on the edge of being ill with every swerve of Matt's old Saab. I was drinking my usual mix of Vitamin Water and SKYY. We got to this spot around 5 or 6. It was a photo studio located on the floor above a local family owned porn shop. It was Vermont or New Hampshire, I can't remember. One of the "blue states". I didn't like the photo studio, so I ran some cords up to the third and forth floor. These floors were old private detective offices that looked like they hadn't been used since 1958. So with no time to spare we popped off this shoot while Mike lay on the floor somewhere near a fan. 100 degrees and dust for air, but Asphyxia pulls it off like we were at the Penthouse suite at the Venetian. ”



Shorty's Garage

featuring Asphyxia



featuring Asphyxia


Boom Arm

featuring Asphyxia


Smokey Dreams

featuring liya



featuring Celtia


Morning Dreamer

featuring MissBellaTrix

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