in Body Positive (14 photos)

by Cohen_


“This set is my own personal protest against an unattainable ideal of beauty, embracing all my flaws, and (by lack of any retouching to my skin or shape) representing my body faithfully. The reason this is the first thought that comes to mind when I think of activism is because this is an issue that has seriously affected my life, and I'm far from alone. Like a lot- if not most- young women, I've suffered the low self esteem and poor body image that is a result of the media's portrayal of women and compounded by bitchy girls in school. Just recently H&M were found to be using completely computer generated bodies in their catalogues. No wonder I had a warped perception of the perfect body- not even professional models could attain a standard that the fashion world wants! Coming to terms with the fact that I'm not a completely hairless, toned, big breasted, blemish free woman has been difficult. In fact, I've had to realise I'm essentially the opposite- I have fine blonde hair everywhere, flabby bits, double A cupbreasts (yes, that means smaller than an A cup) and I have freckles galore (even on my toes, what's up with that?). But the female body is something to be celebrated, whatever its make. What's more- I'm so much more than my body. At the end of the day I'd much rather have my oddly proportioned body than lose my sight or my ability to kick ass at board games. Beauty is all well and good, but we as women must keep our lives in perspective.”



On Top Of The Covers

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Half Asleep

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Purple on lightness

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Mary, the Lumberjack

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