in Night Prowler (41 photos)

by MJDigitalArt


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“Something creepy this way comes... our lovely Jenn is being visited by a Night Prowler.. stalking her in her sleep.. like a whisper slowly pouring over her smooth skin.. he knows every inch of her body as he slowly discovers her... and when she awakens unaware.. he continues to stalk her in his creepy and silent way.. --- This was a VERY tough set to shoot.. first of all.. I'm not a huge fan of spiders myself.. neither is Jenn.. but she took Sandorslaves challenge to heart, as did I.. and we found the creepiest creature we could imagine to shoot with... Jenn is a true professional and managed to get through the shoot without causing any harm to the spider at all... I'd say she conquered her fears.. me? I managed to stay a respectable distance.. -- A special thank you to Robert of Glamor Snakes (search them out on Facebook) as well as Garth (Reptile Road Show) for providing Mr Creepy (even though he is female).. I also want to thank out own Jadea for being our female assistant handler.. I really appreciate you being there so I could stay a comfortable distance from the spider... also a special thank you to my lovely wife Lori for not killing me for bringing a spider into our house, and shooting with it in our bed (she is even more afraid of spiders than I am) ... .. finallly... Love this set.. and we'll love you back double.. vote incentives are in place for this set.. see my profile for details!”



Polaroid Playmate

featuring jcavaricci


Jenn on a Staircase

featuring jcavaricci


Balloon Bath

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All Tied Up

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Through Yonder Window

featuring Sirbrina


Elastic Muse

featuring Bellamuse