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in Sunset Bridge (24 photos)

by MJDigitalArt


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“This was one of the first sets I shot with Candy, we were out looking for a location to do a shoot before the sun went down.. when we came across this one.. interestingly when we first got there.. there was not a soul in sight.. but as we started shooting it became the most popular walking path in town.. we had some regret over not getting any "Zivity content" but knew we would find a use for it sooner or later.. it's been sitting in my computer waiting for me to get it done.. thanks to Zivity member CarlRossiter for giving me reason to get it finished up! -- Love this set.. and we'll love you back double.. please see my profile for vote incentives.”



Derby Girl

featuring CandyLane


Playing In a Waterfall

featuring CandyLane


Sweet Rider

featuring CandyLane


Queen of the Gypsies

featuring CandyLane


Blue Jeans

featuring Verronica


El Laberinto del Fauno

featuring Vivka