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in The one introducing Vicky (10 photos)

by sideviewinn


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“This is the first set not only I shot with winderful Vicky, its her first photoshoot ever! This is just as incredible as her stunning look and her crazy and very funny personality. Belive me when i tell you, Vicky is something special. You guys and gals should be really happy that she shares her georgeous pics with you cause this is special! Hope you like her as much as I do!”



The one getting weird in the bathroom

featuring MissIonimpossible


The one with a real Hot Rod

featuring MissIonimpossible


The one chilin on the couch

featuring MissIonimpossible


Eat my cupcake

featuring Nekrofelia


We are the ones who set the world on fire

featuring UlorinVex


the angel she never was

featuring Bear