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in The Temptation of Eve (22 photos)

by Craigman


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“I thought this was fitting since Gwendolyn Eve Hill's middle name is Eve. As she walks through the Garden of Eden, completely and blissfully unaware she is naked, Eve happens upon a snake in an apple tree. After hearing what the snake has to say she takes a bite of the apple and instantly discovers her shame, scrambling to find some fig leaves to cover up with. Except in Miss Evil's little twist, she finds she takes to sin quite nicely and embraces the snake. Enjoy our twisted version of the temptation of Eve!”



On The Rocks

featuring Gwendolyn


Gwen Commited

featuring Gwendolyn


Electric Cyber girl

featuring Gwendolyn


Black, White, and Red

featuring Gwendolyn


Curved Steel

featuring IDiivil


I Do Evil Things and Evil Things Return

featuring idelsyluvslatex