in Balloon Bath (31 photos)

by MJDigitalArt


“I am so excited to share this model with you... I first shot Jen about 6 months ago... it was her first endeavor into nude modeling, and we did a workshop with her, and then I got busy.. and one thing led to another.. and the next thing I knew.. it was months later. Then she contacts me a couple of days ago.. and told me she had signed up for Zivity and was looking for someone to do a shoot with her.. when she told me this idea.. I knew right away I had to get her on the schedule! As it turned out I had a cancellation the next day.. and she was set.. (it never works out that way)---- We had a lot of fun shooting this one.. and I think it shows in her photos. We had a lot of outtakes and photos cut from this set.. you'll find them all in her bonus album.. see my profile for details on how to access them! ”



Polaroid Playmate

featuring jcavaricci


Jenn on a Staircase

featuring jcavaricci


Night Prowler

featuring jcavaricci



featuring AnnaSpaghetti


Kissing Santa Claus

featuring su3d3_h4rry


Harvest of light

featuring SarahPrankha