The Red Room

by AminaMunster featuring GoGo

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AminaMunster says: “Cristina in her bedroom in Las Vegas, NV.”

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  2. chaselisbon voted 5 times
  3. catrina voted 4 times
  4. Lunatic voted 3 times
  5. drjphoto voted 2 times
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  • New_model

    ...gentle but intense...

  • Bg_profile_thumb_photo-80x80

    Great photography. Great model. Great set. Three greats get 5 votes.

  • Catrina-80x80

    I love you baby and you look great!! hottest lady ever<3 miss you.

  • Lunatic-80x80

    I'm voting for this photo set because Cristina is my Zombie Queen ;)

  • New_model

    Masterful lighting, composition, and set, all featuring Gogo... What's not to love?

  • Dwam-80x80

    you're so damn gorgeous lady. The red light suits you so well ! I must add I'm a total fan of your chest piece. So good to see such a solid tattoo, good taste, original !

  • Kasha-80x80

    you sooo beautyfull!

  • Palmer-80x80

    I love the saturated color and Amina captured Cristina beautifully.

  • Rachaelscumbag-80x80

    la mia amica 'e il piu bella ragazza!

  • Khru-80x80

    This is a beautiful set. It's executed exquisitely while maintaining sexiness.


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