in Sweet Rider (22 photos)

by MJDigitalArt


“This was a fun shoot I did with Candy.. it was one of our first Zivity shoots. Candy is great at talking herself in to great locations.. you'll see over the next few sets I publish that she has a gift... in this particular case she got us into a local bike club's clubhouse as well as the use of a gorgeous customized bike for us to use as a prop. Many thanks to the Raiders/Mongols of Salem, OR for the use of their clubhouse, and also to the "Undisclosed" member for the use of the bike! Please note that neither Candy, nor I are affiliated in any way with any bike group. --- Would love to hear your comments on this set.. voter incentives are in place for this set.. please see my profile for more details. ”



Derby Girl

featuring CandyLane


Playing In a Waterfall

featuring CandyLane


Queen of the Gypsies

featuring CandyLane


I Would for You

featuring erinmichelle


A Gluttony for the Pretty

featuring Atticafaye13


Dita Plays Dress Up

featuring Victoria33