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in The appeal of peeling paint (18 photos)

by Left-handed Photography


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“Take a woman as sweet, fresh and perfect as Sofi, put her against and old, weathered wall and you have a sexy study in contrasts. Sofi is one of those rare models who's flawless, totally chill and up for anything. A photographer's dream. One look at this sizzling set and you'll be dreaming about her, too. Send her your votes and I promise there will be lots more hot dreams of Sofi V.”

Left-handed Photography


A girl and her Polaroid

featuring VexVoir


Sleeping Beauty

featuring VexVoir


Pretty Panties, Part I

featuring VexVoir


She Wore Lace

featuring hexhypoxia


Alone in the Woods

featuring EnglishBabs


Blue Bath

featuring Thumbelina