in Happy Birthday to Me! (31 photos)

by MJDigitalArt


“I'd like you to meet FoxyRoxy... Foxy is a long time friend of mine.. a fellow photographer who has been working herself into shape to step in front of the lens.. having reached her first goal.. she is excited to do this set... but at the same time a little nervous... We shot this set for her birthday.. yes today (the date this set is published) is her birthday. We wanted to start out with something that reflects her fun spirit while also showing her alluring sexy side. I think we nailed it! Of course.. what would a birthday be without CAKE!! So she enjoys her cake the only way a good model who is watching her figure can... she plays in it!! -- Thanks for checking out this set... and please leave some words of encouragement for a wonderful young lady who is really taking a risk putting it out there for you.. oh.. and for your votes... LOADS of bonus photos in her bonus album.. see my profile for more details! ”



Tricksy Gypsy

featuring FoxyRoxy


Street Walker

featuring FoxyRoxy


Roxy Trashes Her Dress

featuring FoxyRoxy


More Like Her

featuring Mika


Moustache Rides

featuring OkiDokiOkami



featuring Adreena_Winters