in Ice Cool Down (25 photos)

by MJDigitalArt


“This is Montana Rayne.. tall beautiful, with long flowing hair, and a natural look that you're sure to love. Montana is a wonderful model, with a great witty sense of humor. She is intelligent, and accomplished with a quirky artistic side that you will love!! --- In this set we wanted to do something different. We were sitting in a bar having drinks after a shoot one evening, and I could tell she was pondering something... I asked her if she was working on an idea for our next shoot and she looked at me and smiled.. and shook her glass as she said.. "I was thinking something with ice??" I knew in an instant what we would be doing.. and we did.. the very next week. --What better way to cool down after a sweltering hot summer day than to play with a giant ice cube.. watch as Montana rubs the ice all over her body until she has soaked every last icy drop of moisture from it.. --- Be sure to check out my profile for my current vote incentives.. your votes could earn yourself some great bonus images!”



Memories of Summer

featuring MontanaRayne


Alien Encounter

featuring MontanaRayne



featuring MontanaRayne


A Scribble Or A Sonnet

featuring Manchester


Free The Nipple

featuring Bear


Bedroom Slam

featuring betajuliet