in Derby Girl (35 photos)

by MJDigitalArt


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“Meet Candy Lane, her sugary sweetness will capture your heart, and send you into a blissfull diabetic coma.. yes she is every bit as sweet as that and then some. As you get to know her.. you will know it to be true.. she is real girl.. and her smile is genuine and you will see it alot! -- For her first set she wanted to shoot something sporty as she is very much into sports, and she brought along her derby gear.. (yes.. she is a real derby girl) but really wanted to do something sexy and appealing so we left off the pads so we could play dirty... she can body check us any time!!! -- Candy has done a lot of pinup in the past, but had never done much in the line of glamour photography before meeting me so she was still testing the waters.. its a gorgeous set.. but wait until you see where Candy goes next... stay tuned.. you're sure to succomb to your new found sugar addiction!! Be sure to check my profile for Vote Incentives.. you'll want to take advantage of some of the bonus images you'll get access to! and hey... don't forget to leave a comment for this new Zivity model.. lets give her some encouragement to keep posting!! ”



Playing In a Waterfall

featuring CandyLane


Sweet Rider

featuring CandyLane


Queen of the Gypsies

featuring CandyLane


All I Want for Christmas

featuring RedRider23


Fragments VI: RedRider23

featuring RedRider23


Striped Sofa

featuring Juliawerecat