Dirty Dahlia

in Watermelon Fashion (32 photos)

by MJDigitalArt


“This is something of a revisit of a concept that I had done with another model, but it seemed appropriate for Zivity, and for the Girls of Summer Prize.. and there were some improvements I wanted to do on it anyway.. so lets just say it was inspired by my previous shoot :) ------ What goes with Summer better than WATERMELON... but when Dahlia enjoys her watermelon.. she enjoys it in a way that only she can, but we can appreciate! By the time we were done, she was refreshed but VERY sticky and sweet! ------- Vote for this set if you love it.. and we'll love you back double! See my profile page for incentives... Full Resolution album has all of these images in it.. plus a few outtakes and photos that did not make the cut.. all bonus images are within Zivity Content guidelines of course :) ------ Thanks you to Dark Soldier Designs for the makeup work, and to my lovely wife Lori for the hair styling... ”



MIlk and Cookies

featuring Dirty Dahlia


intimate Sheer

featuring Dirty Dahlia


Ashley's Favorite Scarf

featuring Dirty Dahlia



featuring Dirty Dahlia


red scarf, red chair, red red red!

featuring HadaPixie


Fleeting Alleyway Fantasy

featuring NudesGalor