Dirty Dahlia

in White Dress Interlude (33 photos)

by MJDigitalArt


“In this set DirtyDahlia dons her white dress for some elegant poses in the water at the beach.. then as she leaves the water in her now soggy white dress. As we follow her up the trail for an interlude in the woods she entices us by slowly removing her wet things and leaves them along the trail for us to find like a trail of breadcrumbs... This is Dahlia's first set ever with any amount of exposure in a public album.. be sure to show her some support by leaving a vote and a comment! There are unreleased images in the bonus album with this set.. all within Zivity guidelines.. just did not really go with the set.. so we are including them separately. See my profile for details on any vote incentives and how to access the bonus album for this set. ”



MIlk and Cookies

featuring Dirty Dahlia


intimate Sheer

featuring Dirty Dahlia


Ashley's Favorite Scarf

featuring Dirty Dahlia



featuring Dirty Dahlia


See into the trees.

featuring Vivling


Zerotia in the warehouse

featuring zerotia