Say It With Spandex

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Prize Winner: Skeletal Remains

Its an interesting duality: A body covered and concealed, but with the form revealed clearly by that which envelops it, its shape accented by the second skins shine. Or, if youd prefer me to put it less fancy bust out your nylon and strut! (More details on my profile as usual)

Nudity: No Preference

Tags: Shiny, opaque, nylon, wetlook, metallic, foil dot, hologram, leotard, bodysuit, catsuit, one-piece swimsuit, bike shorts, dancewear, unitard, dance shorts, hotpants, crop tops, leggings, costumes, gloves, zentai

Winner: Producer chooses

Type of Sets: Only New Submissions Please

Prizes are awarded at the sole discretion of the contest creator.



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