The Art of Submission

contest produced by Meness

Prize Winner: Red Roped Redhead

Be a Little extra kinky Show me your dark...kinky... fetish, side and let me see the real you ..Be it a submissive or dominant... the best BDSM you can think of... BLOW MY MIND !!!

Nudity: No Preference

Tags: rubber, latex, bondage, Mistress, Dominants, Subs, Domme, sub, cuffs, gagged, posture collars. corsets, cages, dungeon, collar, leash, whips, chain, bondage tape, ballet boots, feet, ass, thongs, breasts any thing kinky, bdsm related, rope, clamps, rigging, sadism, masochism, candling, tied and abandoned in public, UNCOMFORTABLE POSITIONS

Winner: Producer chooses

Type of Sets: Only New Submissions Please

Prizes are awarded at the sole discretion of the contest creator.



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