Polaroid Short Stories

contest produced by Jeggy

Prize Winner: The Cuffs Stay On.

Tell us a tale, shoot it on instant film, and do it in 12 frames or less. It doesnt need to be crazy complex, just make sure theres a story behind your beautiful images!

Nudity: No Preference

Tags: Other than the three specified rules - a plot, shot on instant film, in 12 frames or less - Im not looking for anything too specific, so the most votes will take the prize, as long as the set satifies these rules. But personally, the more of that 70s saturated-yet-washed-out vibe you kick up, the more Ill dig it. And I always love seeing a well-edited set, so this is an attempt to see more brevity with intent! Oh, and its easy to get a cheap instant camera online if you dont already have one!

Winner: Producer chooses

Type of Sets: Only New Submissions Please

Prizes are awarded at the sole discretion of the contest creator.



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