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 SF Bay Area

has a day of webdesign and then cooking dinner for Maggie Mayhem!

Zille Defeu has swung between the front and the back of the camera for years. Even her introduction to photography was modeling for her boyfriend in freshman year of high school. By junior year of high school, she had a photo major, and was already freaking out her teacher and classmates with her odd subject matters and points of view. In college she was mostly behind the camera, trying to convince girls to pose naked for her. When they wimped out, she did her own nude self-portraits. Also during college, Zille discovered that she was a raging pervert, although her friends had known this about her all along. Many years of a journey of discovery followed (indeed, the journey is far from over, still!) and involved things like working at a peep show, running her own porn site, and lots of time spent playing with friends and lovers as either a Top or bottom. After college, her career in fetish and erotic modeling distracted her from her proper place, behind the camera, but taught her a great deal about how to work with models and all sorts of things that models dislike in photographers. Many photographers she worked with felt that Zille was a better model for being a photographer, and she now feels that she is a better photographer for having been a model. Now Zille is focusing on fetish photography with her own unique perspective, and an assortment of (frequently very silly) projects she is enjoying tremendously. Graphics and web design are her vocation. She also takes time to write the occasional article for Skin Two and will someday finish that erotic novel she’s working on. Until then, she wastes scads of time on her blog,, writing about being a raging pervert, and makes images that satisfy her own and her model's creatives urges.

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