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 Dallas, TX

Available to travel for your sets. Message me for schedule.

I am a photographer in the DFW, TX area. I served in the US Airforce and the Army with a tour for OEF/Afghanistan. I have taken to photography as a means to express my emotions, thoughts, ideas, and as an excellent creative outlet. I look forward to every opportunity to photograph anything and anyone that helps me invoke new thoughts and ideas with people who see my work.

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Looking to shoot and submit more work, if you are in the Dallas area, please let me know!

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Being a creative I’m starting to equate with being an addict…

the first time you create something that stirs the depths of your soul and brings forth a rush of emotion, euphoria, and awe… like that first rush of adrenaline, that intense high that comes from a narcotic, that first intense, mind numbing, blinding orgasm from a sexual encounter you’ve wanted, needed, desired for soo long. Once you’ve created a piece of art, you crave the next, you take trips to find those feelings, pushing boundaries of your talent, your mind, and ability. You start to feel you aren’t alive until you have your camera, brush, pencil, pen, what ever tool you use, in your hand and you create from your soul. Every creation gives you a high, you feel connected with the world around you, connected to the people around you, then that high falls off… you feel a darkness settle in, that itch in your hands or the back of your neck… you see things in your environment calling, singing, pleading, urging you to create…

and the cycle begins again… like an addict looking for the next high…


Beautiful new set :)


Thank you!