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 New Rochelle, NY

I am a TRIPLE THREAT! I am a hairdresser, make-up artist and a photographer . . . I focus mostly on fashion and beauty, but dabble here and there with nudes and alternative.

I've been around the block a little and have landed safely in New Rochelle, NY about 20 minutes out of Manhattan. If you're a model looking for some awesome shots let me know . . . Like I said, I do it all and very well!

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A triple threat? We could use someone like you around Calgary!
I try to do my own hair and makeup most times, I would much prefer if I had someone professional around to help out. :) Anyway, check out my first set, if you like it please let me know:


Thanks for accepting the request !!! did you see my new set "Noir" ? I have a new look! :D