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Marcela Faé is a fashion and beauty photographer based in Berlin, Germany.
Her work has been shown in international publications such as Vice and Rolling Stone and exhibitions in New York and São Paulo.
She grew up in South America's largest city, São Paulo, mainly going to punk and heavy metal concerts. That fast and loud environment has trained her photography eye.
After she completed her photography degree Escola Panamericana in São Paulo, she moved to NYC and started working for a few publication in Brazil and USA covering Rock'N'Roll related shows and events. It was on one of those events that she knew the Freak Show/Sideshow world. Soon after this she was working side-by-side with 2 major Freakshows in NY. That experience and those photos gave her 2 exhibitions in NYC.
When she got back to São Paulo has worked at Folha de São Paulo, the biggest newspaper in Brazil. It was over there that she fell in love with portraits and fashion photography.
Around that time she started working with pin-up/fetish and nude/soft-porn photography.
Since then, Marcela started experimenting with shapes, color treatments, the strange and beautiful people you see in her pictures. You can get in touch with her on her website:

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