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Taking a break from the road. Stationed in the suburbs of Detroit.

I live on the road. Not thinking about whats in front of me, or whats behind me. There is nothing but now for me.



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my lens

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  • Posted on 02/28/2013 by Sexy_Maria   
    Hello New Friend!!

  • Posted on 07/29/2013 by jlcappella   
    <3 Hello!!!

  • Posted on 01/19/2013 by Sassie   
    hey there, thanks for accepting my FR! love your new set!

  • Posted on 01/22/2013 by jlcappella   
    squeal! thank you!

  • Posted on 01/07/2013 by nfern   
    Your new set with Nia is INSANE! So sensual, so artsy. I love it. Blown away.

  • Posted on 01/07/2013 by jlcappella   
    squeal! thank you so much! It sorta just came together, and stuff. It was fun to shoot though.

  • Posted on 11/13/2012 by Krypto33   
    Thanks for the friend request and welcome to Zivity. Hope you enjoy your time here ;)

  • Posted on 11/13/2012 by jlcappella   
    Thanks! Too sweet!

  • Posted on 11/13/2012 by nfern   
    She really should.. and probably will shoot me soon ;)

  • Posted on 11/13/2012 by jlcappella   
    working on it! I have a few of Adrian and Nichole that haven't been finished yet! Hopefully soon though!

  • Posted on 11/13/2012 by jlcappella   
    p.s. Nichole I am probably going to bother the shit out of you to model this next weekend!

  • Posted on 10/28/2012 by nfern   
    you know i got dat bomb ass pussy

  • Posted on 10/31/2012 by jlcappella   
    da bombest

  • Posted on 11/13/2012 by nfern   
    we are purrfect for each other

  • Posted on 11/13/2012 by jlcappella   
    oh, its still fun even then!

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