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 New York City Area

Born and raised in New York City, Scott Dengrove has always been involved in the arts. Having over 10 years experience with Theater and Design, photography was a natural extension of his love of art.

Scott's passion has always been photographing people. This affords Scott the opportunity to consistently capture the individuality and beauty of each of his subjects.

Scott has been a featured artist in many national photography competitions and exhibitions, in addition to being published in several nationally circulated magazines.

He has also lent his photographic services to HealthLiving CT, a bi-monthly publication, and various commercial projects for marketing agencies.

Scott's work can currently be seen at two photography exhibitions, "Natural Perspectives", and "Above the Tree Tops" running at Cosi® Restaurants in Rye, NY, and Larchmont, NY and a traveling exhibit "America: Coast to Coast" which was awarded a special Certificate of Merit from the New York State Senate.

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