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Chase Lisbon. In the Ozarks.
Currently working on a full length erotic movie with my fiance Apnea.


Creator and photographer:


United States

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Tortilla Flat

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Posted on 03/08/2010 by chaselisbon   
Hi guys! The profile picture is by Corwin Prescott the 3rd or 4th

  • Posted on 02/05/2014 by Zebrah   
    how are you sweet pea? ps ; love your work

  • Posted on 01/27/2014 by Zebrah   
    hey there how have you been

  • Posted on 01/19/2014 by Sassie   
    hey there, thanks for accepting my FR! i love your work!

  • Posted on 01/18/2014 by MaryCeleste   
    thanks for friending! I hope we get to shoot together someday!

  • Posted on 01/16/2014 by TheBabyDoe   
    Stoked for WMRTWO release!! Such a killer lineup- Id be a fool not to preorder!

  • Posted on 01/16/2014 by BellaD   
    Thank you so much for the add!! Xo

  • Posted on 10/10/2012 by Vera Baby   
    Hey mister! You still come round these parts?

  • Posted on 09/29/2012 by Iguny   
    Midnigth mass is an amazing set, I love it!!

  • Posted on 02/20/2012 by EnglishBabs   
    Hey, how are you? Just stopping by to say Hi, as I noticed you were online. Don't often see you on here these days.

  • Posted on 02/14/2012 by elexastar   
    Thanks for being a Zivity friend! ♥ I love to connect to others here on Zivity, so feel free to send a message or wall-post my way. How is your week going? ♥

  • Posted on 01/28/2012 by LatashaLynn   
    Hello friend, I've got my VERY FIRST self shot up(: Please let me know what you think, the love and advice is always appreciated(:

  • Posted on 01/25/2012 by Ryamae   
    Hi there! Thanks for accepting my friend request!

  • Posted on 01/25/2012 by RAphotography   
    Thank you for adding me.

  • Posted on 01/24/2012 by JennyRose   
    Thanks for accepting!

  • Posted on 01/16/2012 by Kitty me-ow Mcmuffin   
    Coming to the bay area soon I hope?

  • Posted on 12/17/2011 by Vera Baby   
    I hope the film is going well babe! Can't wait to see you back here

  • Posted on 11/05/2011 by Vivka   
    You need new sets on here.

  • Posted on 08/17/2011 by BoldDaniel   
    So... this is a happy day! I have come out of the Darkages with internet connected back on to my PC. To celebrate this vote 10+ on any set and view the entire shoot in Hi-Res, that could be up to 150 images (depending on which set you choose).

  • Posted on 08/10/2011 by jajanut   
    Hey friend, my first set with new male model Josh is up! Hopefully you get a chance to check it out! =)

  • Posted on 08/07/2011 by RazorCandi   
    First set is now live!! Please check it out when you have time :)

  • Posted on 05/06/2011 by KrysClavicle   
    hi new friend! thanks for the add and pleased to meet you!

  • Posted on 05/03/2011 by cannibalized   
    Wow chase, congrats on winning the playboy contest! damn!

  • Posted on 04/29/2011 by TheBabyDoe   
    thanks for keepin it rad. congrats on the playboy set! cheers!

  • Posted on 04/29/2011 by QueenofSalvation   
    thanks so much for the friend request! I love your work

  • Posted on 04/28/2011 by BoldDaniel   
    Hey new friend!

  • Posted on 04/28/2011 by Hyatt   
    You won! Well deserved. Surprise factor = 0. :)

  • Posted on 04/27/2011 by Cyan   

  • Posted on 04/26/2011 by Vera Baby   
    CONGRATS ON THE PLAYBOY PRIZE! I had a feeling that set would take the win ;)


  • Posted on 04/26/2011 by Dolly Dahl   
    We are so excited that you won the Playboy Prize! This is so huge!!

  • Posted on 04/23/2011 by Gwendolyn   
    Hey there. I'm just dropping by to say hello and let you know that I have a ridiculously hot set, Banana Split, in the food contest with awesome incentives. Come check it out and let me know what you think :)

  • Posted on 04/13/2011 by mfarring13   
    thanks for accepting my friend request!! Im a fan of your work!

  • Posted on 04/06/2011 by Lilex   
    Thanks for the friend request! ^-^

  • Posted on 04/04/2011 by Vera Baby   
    xoxo - no problem. Love your work

  • Posted on 04/02/2011 by Hyatt   
    Absolutely love your work, sir! :)

  • Posted on 04/01/2011 by Jenna_Michele   
    Just got some honeycombs, I've wanted to produce that old hollywood style lighting forever.

  • Posted on 03/27/2011 by Trailer   
    hope our paths cross one day...

  • Posted on 03/24/2011 by Meeshkah69   
    i have to say your photos are another level of win, these are gorgeous do you ever come to toronto?!

  • Posted on 03/24/2011 by Meeshkah69   
    i have to say your photos are another level of win, these are gorgeous do you ever come to toronto?!

  • Posted on 03/23/2011 by Lilex   
    Thank you for the votes! <3

  • Posted on 03/23/2011 by DastardlyDave   
    Gotta put this shit somewhere. Be nice if it earned a little money once in a while but...

  • Posted on 03/23/2011 by Tabatha   
    Its a striking set.

    Thnx I like YOUR profile shot, its so native-friendly. :)

  • Posted on 03/22/2011 by cannibalized   
    P.s. Love the Most set for playboy. I hope you win! You really, really should.

  • Posted on 03/22/2011 by cannibalized   
    Thanks Chase. I gotta do a legit set someday :P I didn't have any light and the sun was setting!

  • Posted on 03/22/2011 by antietam   
    your new set with mosh is total perfection!

  • Posted on 03/09/2011 by lindybabe   
    My newest set "Over the Rainbow" is going to be featured! Very excited because it shows my gymnastics skills! Keep an eye out! :)

  • Posted on 02/24/2011 by SabrinaSin   
    Beautiful work! -xoxo

  • Posted on 01/20/2011 by Vera Baby   
    Where are you located? If I'm ever around, I'll swing you a "hello" and we'll make some art

  • Posted on 01/12/2011 by hollistreetman   
    speaking of.. i sound like a raptor lately.

  • Posted on 01/12/2011 by Vee   
    thanks for voting sir! Cannot wait to work with you ahhhhg!

  • Posted on 01/11/2011 by hollistreetman   
    hey new fan.. thanks for the votes! :) i have a pending photo profile happening soon, i hope...

  • Posted on 01/10/2011 by Vera Baby   
    Hey hun, thanks for the friend request. I'm a fan of your work. You're truly talented. Would love to work with you one day :)

  • Posted on 01/10/2011 by PJPaints   
    Hey new friend, thanx for the accept! I hope you had a great new year! Enjoy my photos--new sets hopefully coming soon:-)
    <3 PJ

  • Posted on 01/09/2011 by onirico   
    Dude, "Self Hostage" it's a film, please check it out and let me know what you think:

  • Posted on 01/09/2011 by Mjadams   
    hi... thank for accept my friend request ;)
    i adore your work! ^^

  • Posted on 01/09/2011 by onirico   
    Simply your work is unique

  • Posted on 08/26/2010 by Kitty me-ow Mcmuffin   
    I want to be in your feature film, I dont even care what it's about!!

  • Posted on 08/19/2010 by Vaunt   
    ll face soon :P

  • Posted on 08/19/2010 by hollistreetman   
    can't wait for this film!

  • Posted on 08/18/2010 by Trix   
    Hello :)

  • Posted on 07/16/2010 by Blainedix   
    Loved Room 21

    I will have some sets up soon with the lovely Betty Legz and Morgan Hatha.

  • Posted on 07/07/2010 by cole benoit photography   
    I've got 2 new sets up featuring new Zivity models - "Soaking White" and "Serene Green" - go check them out!

  • Posted on 04/18/2010 by Vira Aire   
    Hi there! How are you? Have you seen my latest set?

    Girls with guitars - check it out =)

    I'd love to know what you think about it. ;-)

  • Posted on 04/13/2010 by V Nixie   
    Hey how are you doing :)? What have you been up to lately? Film going well?

  • Posted on 03/21/2010 by Iguny   
    Thanks for accept the request, sweetie!
    Great profile picture ;)

    Hugs from chile!

  • Posted on 03/07/2010 by (deleted) evilmikeb   
    Lisbon, your work is phenominal! I am a fan ! Great stuff! tHaNkYoU, eViLmIkE!

  • Posted on 02/27/2010 by essenseofyi   
    Hello friend, check out my two new latest sets!! naughty in the office and cutesy school girl

  • Posted on 02/22/2010 by cole benoit photography   
    New sets with Dagon including "One Rainy Morning" -

  • Posted on 02/09/2010 by candacecampbell   
    It feels like forever til you come to Vegas :-/ I cant wait!!!

  • Posted on 01/15/2010 by fotocarreblanc   
    Thanks for the vote. I greatly respect your work. I greatly respect Apnea too but...that's a different kind of respect.

  • Posted on 01/07/2010 by GoGo   
    hi hi hi!

  • Posted on 01/05/2010 by antietam   
    loved midnight mass congrats on winning!!

  • Posted on 01/04/2010 by alyshaaa   

  • Posted on 01/03/2010 by (deleted) KessM   
    hey hey lets cross paths! yay :D

  • Posted on 01/03/2010 by Annika Amour   
    congrats - i love the christmas set. and the video even more!

  • Posted on 01/03/2010 by Heather_Cullodena   
    Why thank you!! Your work is amazing :D

  • Posted on 01/03/2010 by Heather_Cullodena   
    Why thank you!! Your work is amazing :D

  • Posted on 01/03/2010 by Vivka   
    Helmet, knee guards, and wrist braces for a good punch ... and then naked. Daddy, do you love me now?

  • Posted on 01/03/2010 by Vivka   
    Yeah, that guy is the mild-mannered camera ninja. He snuck into my area, and shot my set that just went up. We have one more in prep ... so, round two.

  • Posted on 01/03/2010 by chaselisbon   
    Thank you! =)))))

  • Posted on 01/03/2010 by Cyan   

  • Posted on 01/02/2010 by candacecampbell   
    Thanks Chase! I cant wait for us to shoot!!

  • Posted on 01/02/2010 by Vaunt   
    I'm glad not to be a wretched little girl named Hermione :D

  • Posted on 01/02/2010 by (deleted) UndeathRock   
    Thanks for the FR and happy new year :) :)

  • Posted on 01/01/2010 by Vivka   
    Just leave the Roller Derby contest alone, k? Mommas got some pink anger in the works... on wheels.

  • Posted on 01/01/2010 by Vivka   
    chaselizzzzzzzzzzzzzbon, I thank thee. CorwinPrescott took it ... the boy knows his way around a lense, ya think? Looks like you got the holiday contest in the bag ... you two kinda sorta rule this site. =p

  • Posted on 01/01/2010 by alyshaaa   
    a million miles! oh no :( i'm sure we can figure SOMETHING out.

  • Posted on 01/01/2010 by alyshaaa   
    :( yeah a couple other people told me they had problems with it. bummer!

    thanks for tryin' though! i kept calling you "phantom chase" because i could see you were there but you werent speaking. haha

  • Posted on 01/01/2010 by alyshaaa   
    wow how did i not know that? we should create some magic together mhmmm.

    oh and thank you :D i've been a fan of your work for some time now.

  • Posted on 12/30/2009 by (deleted) evilmikeb   
    You are a phenominal photographer! Your work with Apnea blows me away.

  • Posted on 12/30/2009 by (deleted) evilmikeb   
    You are a phenominal photographer! Your work with Apnea blows me away.

  • Posted on 12/30/2009 by barbeecain   
    awesome video, very artfully done!

  • Posted on 12/30/2009 by Kitty me-ow Mcmuffin   
    DAMN! your film featuring Apnea is sooooo freakin hott. I am impressed to say the very least. Wow. XoXo

  • Posted on 12/29/2009 by Ivy88   
    I've had 2 sets go live right away for contests
    "Go Yankees" contest
    "American Apparel" contest
    Check them out and be sure to comment if you vote as well! Thanks for the support :)

  • Posted on 12/29/2009 by carbondecay   
    Hey Chase! Thanks for the Friend Request! You show an ultimate display of talent, skill, precision and attention to detail! I will definitely be following your work. Inspiration is all over every one of your shots! -CD

  • Posted on 12/28/2009 by PaleSaint   
    That does appear to be the case! We must be internet twinsies :) I hope you had a badass holiday! xoxo

  • Posted on 12/28/2009 by Shooter   
    Fantastic film!

  • Posted on 12/28/2009 by DastardlyDave   
    See how I have been wasting my time?

  • Posted on 12/28/2009 by Kitty me-ow Mcmuffin   
    nope, never been but shooting with you seems like a good excuse to visit!! xo

  • Posted on 12/28/2009 by Ivy88   
    I was just surprised with my Yankee contest set going live right away
    Vote if you like and be sure to comment as well :)

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