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I've been a photographer for many years but only recently started working with models. It's completely different than photographing animals or landscapes and I absolutely love it. I have found a new passion!


Dancer, model, clothing designer


Astoria, NY

My Hometown

Bronx, NY

Favorite Music

rock, metal, gothic, industrial

Favorite Films

Anything funny or scary.

Favorite Books

I'll read anything!

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  • Posted on 03/04/2012 by RazorCandi   
    Thanks for the votes on my Transition set :) Really happy you like the set, means a lot!

  • Posted on 02/23/2012 by eratum   
    hi ! Welcome with my friends ;)

  • Posted on 02/14/2012 by LaBelleFille   
    Happy V-Day!! Any fun plans??

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    Hello there New Friend!

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    To bad I'm not in NY. Hope you have a great day

  • Posted on 01/14/2012 by SweetSurrender   
    Hope you have an amazing weekend!!!


  • Posted on 01/14/2012 by MontanaRayne   
    Also, very nice work on "Monochrome Bombshell," a beautifully captured set :)

  • Posted on 01/14/2012 by MontanaRayne   
    They there, thanks for accepting my friend request :)

  • Posted on 11/05/2011 by MissLoLo   
    hi! thanks for accepting my FR. nice to meet ya! x♥x

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    Beautiful work!

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    Thanks for the add! Are we going to make awesome happen together? I hope so!

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    Thanks for the friend request, love your Cheesecake entry!

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    Hello :] Thank you for the add.

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    Thanks for the FR :D
    Great sets !!!!

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    Thanks for the request!

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    I've got some great new sets with with the tempting Goddess of Chaos. I know she'd appreciate you checking out her fabulous work, and I'm offering some beautiful incentives to help her out.

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    hey thank for add :D how are you

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    Thanks for the add!

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    Greetings new friend

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    Terrific work! Keep it coming!

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    Thanks for being a Zivifriend :)

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    Thanks for the FR!

  • Posted on 10/19/2011 by ForesTofgotham   
    yesss, we are gonna rip this site in half. paul is excited to see our personal photos >:)

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    hi friend how are you today

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    Thanks for the Friend Request.... Good start with the photo sets...

  • Posted on 10/18/2011 by mfarring13   
    Thanks for the request!

  • Posted on 10/07/2011 by Just_Lisa   
    Yay for finding your passion! And yay for bringing it to zivity! Thank you for the friending. Looking forward to more of your art.

  • Posted on 10/05/2011 by onirico   
    Awesome first job here!

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    Thanks for the friend request! Hope all is going well,


  • Posted on 10/02/2011 by OkiDokiOkami   
    Of course!

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    YAY! I'd love to do another set! I even have an idea! Halloween set

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    Thanks for the friendship. Great first set! =]

  • Posted on 10/01/2011 by RazorCandi   
    Thanks for the add :) beautiful work, looking forward to seeing more!

  • Posted on 09/30/2011 by SweetSurrender   
    Your work is pretty freakin' amazing there! You seriously should come down my way sometime....We could make epic art!

  • Posted on 09/30/2011 by jimcurt99   
    LOVE the set- great work!!!

  • Posted on 09/30/2011 by OkiDokiOkami   
    Thank you for the friend request! I’m always glad to make new friends on here! How are you? :)

  • Posted on 09/30/2011 by Trailer   
    Thanks for requesting me love :)

  • Posted on 09/30/2011 by asiandream   
    Thanks for the add just got my GYPSY set up let me know what you think

  • Posted on 09/30/2011 by SadPenguin   
    Nice concept on your first set. Well done!

  • Posted on 09/30/2011 by LaBelleFille   
    Thanks for accepting hun :) Love your first set.....

  • Posted on 09/30/2011 by toxicdiva   
    :) Thank you for the FR beautiful!

  • Posted on 09/30/2011 by mysteria   
    Your welcome and good luck in the contest! :)

  • Posted on 09/30/2011 by Chiva   
    You are very talented!

  • Posted on 09/30/2011 by mysteria   
    The set is sexy.

  • Posted on 09/30/2011 by EnglishBabs   
    Great first set! Good luck in the new photographer contest!

  • Posted on 09/30/2011 by Jimmy2times   
    yeah. great job sweetie. I am your first, been a while since i was that for anyone. ;)

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