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 San Francisco Bay Area

searching for more Zivity models in the SF bay area that want to shoot

I am always determined about creating excellent imagery. My photography work is of a particular style that I have strived very hard to cultivate and develop over the years. Since I was a kid I have loved all aspects of Photography.

I am a retired model too. I was into modeling for many years, although I was a photographer first, but nowdays I want to focus my time behind the camera on the projects that I wish to work on...

All this experience and collaboration has given my work a lovely vision, direction and yes well it definately helps too that I DO find women to be very visually compelling....I mean, who on this planet would say no to worshiping the curves of goddess and divine divas?

Please if you are inspired by my style of work I would value you showing your support with some lovely Votes +++
and also on my FB page too! ~

Zivity Models ~ If you would like to read and know more details about my "Current Photography Projects"... you can find a great deal more info to read on my ModelMayhem page.

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4 Photosets


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UPDATES: "I do not have any new sets planned for Zivity in the near future, perhaps by Fall/Winter 2013. I apologize and will be getting back when I can do this, however this summer I am very swamped with shooting for a Motorcycle Calendar project that just takes priority within my schedule so I may complete it in time." - Shiva

Keep your eyes open there just might be a motorcycle set coming your way.

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Great sets! I'd love to work with you sometime :) Love your profile photo with the motorcycle!


Hi! Thanks so much for accepting my FR! Hope you're having an awesome day :)


New set just uploaded "Vintage Vixen" with the lovely Kitty Me-ow McMuffin ~ check back really soon for more !! ~