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I’m a freelance photographer from Scotland. Camera work comes naturally to me. I’ve played around with cameras and film making all my life really.

Mostly I work with a partner, Kitty Cupcake, who is my main model for my own work and the makeup artist for my other work.





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I can speak to dogs (they just don't speak to me).

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Scotland, Glasgow

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Posted on 03/05/2012 by KitRomero   
Special Fan Bonuses:

Top Fan: Each month Kitty Cupcake and I would like to shoot a set for Zivity with a theme/idea suggested by our fan who has voted the most on our work. So, if you’ve voted on our sets more than anyone else that month we’ll let you know and you can name your set!

Sneak Preview: Two votes on any of my sets with Kitty Cupcake and you’ll be sent a sneak preview of an upcoming set!

Bonus Sets: Vote on any of my sets with Kitty Cupcake 10 times and we’ll send you a special bonus mini-set! You can choose from one of the following:

Horror Geek - if you like cutesy nerd girls with pigtails and glasses you don’t want to miss this cutesy mini-set.

Back Lot Starlet: vintage, sepia toned glamour photography - the kind a young, fame hungry wannabe starlet might shoot on a movie back lot.

Hooker Kitty: dark, grungy and so very alluring - this bonus set showcases a more erotic side to Kitty in neon lighting.

New bonus sets will be added over time so keep checking in.

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    Happy Saint Patrick's Day! :) How was your weekend?

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    Happy Friday! Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

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    Thanks! It was a gift from someone close to me.

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    I want you to Enter The Dragon:
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